Mountain State Press

  • May 15 Young Writers Day at the University of Charleston. If you have a child who's won a writing award or would like to support children's writing in your local school, stop on by.
  • June 12-14 our books will be offered for sale at the West Virginia Writers conference at Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV. Some of of authors will be there to read from their books.
  • June 26-27 at Tamarack, Beckley, WV, MSP will have a table with our books for sale. Several of our authors will be reading in the theater during this time.
  • Lewisburg Literary Festival is our August adventure. We'll have a table there Aug. 7-8 in the Visitor's Center. Come on by for this wonderful literary event.
  • IT'S BACK! The Charleston Book Festival after a two-year hiatus. It'll be in the Civic Center in Charleston and we'll have a table there with authors signing.

February 2015--NEW BOOK!

Diner Stories: Off the Menu is now available! Edited by Daniel McTaggart, MSP is so pleased to announce this collection of wonderful stories all set in or affiliated with that wonderful American institution: the diner. Fiction and nonfiction stories included are sure to please the palate of everyone. And maybe you'll like a diner that's depicted a little differently than what you're used to.  Every heard of Jackalopes? Come meet a whole herd in a diner in the desert. How about mystery and intrigue? Plenty of that. A love story or two--got it! So belly up to the counter and order up Adam and Eve on a raft. We're sure you'll enjoy the meal and the stories that'll linger in your mind from now on.

May 20, 2014--TWO NEW TITLES!
Hero Birds, by Emmitt Maxwell Furner II is a memoir that details the year he spent in Afghanistan as a chaplain in the Army. During his time there, in addition to his regular ministry to the troops, he flew in Black Hawk helicopters that are dedicated to retrieving our deceased fallen Heroes from the battlefields. The helicopters, christened Hero Birds, ferried far too many of our soldiers, but Emmitt was there to see that the Heroes made their final trip with dignity and grace. Along the way, he describes the challenges our soldiers face in today's military, from retrieving the wounded to the dangers in flying over enemy territory. His story also encompasses that of his father, a wounded Vietnam veteran, whom Emmitt admires and honors with each trip on a Hero Bird. Born in Parkersburg, WV, where he grew up, Emmitt also remembers the peace and beauty of his home state in contrast with the dry, brown earth of Afghanistan that he flies over on the missions. Hero Birds is well-told story of courage and honor.
$14.95 available now!

My People Was Music
This new book, by Kirk Judd, is a fabulous combination sure to delight readers. It's a collection of Kirk's poetry, but the book also contains a CD of his spoken word poems, accompanied by well-known WV musicians Dave and Mike Bing, plus several others. Throughout the book are beautiful B&W photos by state photographer Dave Lambert.  Kirk, a well-known spoken performance poet has collected his finest poems, gone into the recording studio for accompaniment by traditional music, which will offer the reader Kirk's rich voice and traditional Appalachian tunes. Enjoy this triple treat!

May 2013
Mountain State Press is pleased to announce the publication of its newest book: Jackson vs. Witchy Wanda: Making Kid Soup by long-time MSP author Belinda Anderson. Noted novelist, and West Virginia native, Grethen Moran Laskas had this to say about this new middle-grade novel: "A wild, wonderful, and witchy ride that will keep young readers hooked until the very last page!" And it's not just for kids! Adults enjoy reading it as well. (15.95)