The Well Ain’t Dry Yet


Belinda Anderson

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Twilight Dawn sits at the quilt frame in her living room, creating something whole from the scraps people bring of their lives. She opens the book, then steps aside to allow her customers to come forward and tell their own stories. They sneak in and out of each other’s tales, bound by the mysterious old man in a jaguar.

“Universal themes resonate in Belinda Anderson’s accomplished stories. Her strong characters linger in the mind — characters such as African-American quilt maker Twilight Dawn Johnson, who can put together the pieces of people’s lives in a way that makes sense and meaning for them, or the harassed divorcee who can’t quit hauling her dead sister’s ashes around in the car until she can come to terms with her own jealousy and shortcomings. Original, lively, poignant, and brimming with life—Anderson’s stories speak to us all.”
— Lee Smith

“Belinda Anderson’s characters and settings are clearly Appalachian-West Virginian. Her stories demonstrate, however, that even in the isolation and deprivation that some of her people experience, human beings sufer and celebrate in common. Her characters are individualized and their problems elicit recognition and empathy. This is a book both readable and enlightening.”
— Barbara Smith

About the Author

Belinda Anderson holds a bachelor’s degree in news-editorial journalism and a master’s of liberal arts studies. She’s written for such publications as The West Virginia Encyclopedia, Goldenseal, Wonderful West Virginia, Book Page and Writers’ Journal, among others.

She was a recipient of a professional development grant from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History and the National Endowment for the Arts, with approval from the West Virginia Commission for the Arts. The West Virginia Division of Culture and History has named her a Master Artist to work as a mentor with emerging writers.


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