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Two New Titles!

Hero Birds, by Emmitt Maxwell Furner II is a memoir that details the year he spent in Afghanistan as a chaplain in the Army. During his time there, in addition to his regular ministry to the troops, he flew in Black Hawk helicopters that are dedicated to retrieving our deceased fallen Heroes from the battlefields. The helicopters, christened Hero Birds, ferried far too many of our soldiers, but Emmitt was there to see that the Heroes made their final trip with dignity and grace. Along the way, he describes the challenges our soldiers face in today’s military, from retrieving the wounded to the dangers in flying over enemy territory. His story also encompasses that of his father, a wounded Vietnam veteran, whom Emmitt admires and honors with each trip on a Hero Bird. Born in Parkersburg, WV, where he grew up, Emmitt also remembers the peace and beauty of his home state in contrast with the dry, brown earth of Afghanistan that he flies over on the missions. Hero Birds is well-told story of courage and honor. Click here to purchase.

My People Was Music
This new book, by Kirk Judd, is a fabulous combination sure to delight readers. It’s a collection of Kirk’s poetry, but the book also contains a CD of his spoken word poems, accompanied by well-known WV musicians Dave and Mike Bing, plus several others. Throughout the book are beautiful black and white photos by state photographer Dave Lambert. Kirk, a well-known spoken performance poet has collected his finest poems, gone into the recording studio for accompaniment by traditional music, which will offer the reader Kirk’s rich voice and traditional Appalachian tunes. Enjoy this triple treat! Click here to purchase.