Diner Stories: Off the Menu


Daniel McTaggart

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This is a collection of exciting stories and real tales, all serving up a fantastic fare about the one place we all know, love to go to, and enjoy no matter your walk of life: diners. Cozied up inside this collection are people who love and hate, learn and squirm, and above all, eat—maybe some meals that might surprise you. Come on in and join us for a selection of great stories all garnished with sensory delights, served up on a platter of fun and imagination!

“Relax with a cup of joe and a piece of pie (or a milkshake and a burger!) and enjoy these delicious, entertaining, and heartfelt stories set in diners across America.”
— Christine Wenger, author of Do or Diner, A Second Helping of Murder, and Diners, Drive-ins, and Death, and more

“Grab your favorite spinning stool, all chrome and cracked red vinyl, and enjoy this madcap collection of diner tales that celebrate those shiny beacons of hospitality and hearty meals – where friends and lovers (and jackalopes) gather for some coffee, pie, and the answers to life.
— Brian Butko, author of Greetings from the Lincoln Highway and Diners of Pennsylvania

About the Author

Daniel McTaggart’s poetry has been published in Laurels, NACS Magazine, Screaming Zebra, Kestrel, Amomancies, and Backbone Mountain Review. He has several chapbooks of poetry, most notably Midnight Muse in a Convenience Store, Psalms of the Monster River Cult, and Diner Poems. He was selected to participate in the 1989 Butts-Sturm Visiting Writers’ Workshop with Wayne Dodd at WVU.