Looking for Ireland: An Irish-Appalachian Pilgrimage


Laura Treacy Bentley

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This lovely poetry/photo chapbook will delight anyone from the region, in Ireland, and anywhere in the world. Beautiful poems are paired with Bentley’s lyrical photographs to document the connection and longing for journeys between Ireland and her inheritor: the region of Appalachia.

“In one of the poems in her luminous new collection, Laura Bentley advises the reader to find a forked branch and let it lead ‘to places you’ve never been.’ That is just what these brief, compelling poems do: They reveal fresh landscapes of thought and feeling. In our rushed and muddled world, Bentley’s meditative poems are like breathing spaces      
— elegant, clarifying, assured.”
— Julia Keller, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Sorrow Road

“You are holding in your hand a thing of beauty. Here, indeed, Laura Treacy Bentley makes ‘words flicker like flame.’ The imagery of the poems is married to stunning photographs forming a perfect balance. You will be taken seamlessly on a visual and poetic journey from Appalachia to Ireland, ‘to the fuchsia that bleeds on Inish Mor’ and ‘Blackbirds seed the summer clouds’ and back again. This is a work of art that achieves what the poet/photographer strives for, ‘to capture wild beauty before it takes flight.’”
— Tony O’Dwyer, co-editor of Crannóg magazine

About the Author

Laura Treacy Bentley is a novelist and poet. Born in Hagerstown, Maryland, she was raised in Huntington, West Virginia, and graduated from Marshall University. Her first novel The Silver Tattoo—a psychological thriller set in Ireland—was released in 2013. Her work has been published widely in the United States and Ireland.