Fearless: Women’s Journeys to Self-Empowerment


Edited by Cat Pleska

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We are witnessing the re-dedication of women all over the world to equality. The fearless women in this collection tell us through essays, poems, and stories of the pivotal moments in their lives when they reveal their wisdom to endure challenges and to fight for survival. We stand as witnesses when they discover self-empowerment. Their powerful stories of quiet strength or ground shaking realizations changed them and may well change you.

“Too often, people who speak out against injustice are accused of not having positive visions to put forward – only complaints to air. Fearless shows this view to be both wrong-headed and wrong-hearted. This book is filled with ways in which the contributors proactively overcame the bad hands they were dealt by family, society, and fate. The writers here are women with more courage, less fear, and a greater willingness to speak out. This is resistance in its most fruitful and fulsome blossoming.”
—Sue William Silverman, author Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir

“Fearless: Women’s Journeys to Self-Empowerment explores the diverse experiences of women coming into their own with heart, humor, and nuance. These are personal stories, not polemic, and each evinces its own special kind of grace. The women in these pages write their way from silence into powerful voices, lighting a path for women to come. Their journeys are by turn harrowing and lovely, but each eventually finds and claims her own power.”
— Sarah Einstein, author Mot: a Memoir

“The women in Fearless: Women’s Journeys to Self-Empowerment use their strong voices to explore, encourage, inspire, and speak truth to what it is to be a woman, in all her beauty and complexity. While reading, you might want to cry, to scream, or to stand up and applaud. One thing is for sure: no one will finish Fearless without feeling deep respect for these writers, and encouraged to begin their own journey to self-empowerment.”
— Natalie Sypolt, author The Sound of Holding Your Breath