One Foot in the Gravy—Hooked on the Sauce: Recipes You’ll Relish


Cat Pleska

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This cookbook aims to comfort and to give you a chuckle or two and a bit of cultural documentation, all within 108 pages! Recipes involve gravies, sauces, and relishes—plus a few surprises, all intended to be paired with—put on!—something else to make a food item even more delicious!

“Although I am not usually an onion fan, the Onion Gravy was the perfect complement to pork chops. Thick, rich and delicious!”
Paul Sheets

“As a self-anointed, moderately knowledgeable critic of barbecue sauce, I found the June Hamilton BBQ Sauce to be exceptional. Nice and tangy but complementary to the meat rather than overwhelming it. Yum, yum.”
— Alan Stagg

“If the Three-Can Hillbilly-Mex Magic recipe is any indication, this cookbook is filled with comfort and delight. We cleaned our plates and asked for seconds. Four thumbs up!”
Sheila McEntee and Dan Cowan

“At last! Cat Pleska’s debut cookbook is here with everything you need to create perfect gravies, sauces, and relishes. Each recipe is simple, straightforward, and an invaluable guide for anyone who loves to bring family together with a delicious home-cooked meal. Whether you are searching for a great tasting pork chop gravy, apple dumpling sauce, or pickled corn relish, you will find it in here, plus lots more!”
Kathy Manley, author of Daddy’s Leg

About the Author

Cat is a 7th-generation West Virginian. She is the author of a memoir, Riding on Comets, published by West Virginia University Press in 2015. She also edited an anthology of fiction and nonfiction—Fed from the Blade: Stories and Poems from the Mountains, for Woodland Press. She teaches full time in the Master of Liberal Studies Program at Arizona State University and adjunct teaches in Marshall University’s Graduate Humanities Program in South Charleston, West Virginia. Added to her job descriptions, Cat can include editor, publisher, storyteller, book reviewer and radio essayist for West Virginia Public Radio. She occasionally cooks, but after doing so for 35 years, she told husband, Dan, when he retired, that he could take over and cook for the next 35. So far, that’s working out pretty well.