Under the Shade of the Trees; Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson’s Life at Jacksons Mill


Dennis Norman

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While much has been written about General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, the great tactician of the Confederate Army, little attention has been given to young Tom Jackson during his formative years. Tom Jackson was orphaned at an early age, was awkward, shy and labeled by some as slow to learn. This is the story of the exceptional boy who, through determination, hard work and a little good luck, overcame his disadvantages to become the legendary General Stonewall Jackson, an honored leader of men.

About the Author

Dennis Norman was born in Weston not far from Jackson’s Mill where Tom Jackson spent much of his boyhood. Mr. Norman still lives within a fifteen-minute walk of the mill. His fascination with the historic mill and the great American who once lived there, added to his love of history and his extensive studies of the Civil War, makes Dennis Norman ideally suited to write about Tom Jackson, the young Stonewall, who truly believed, “You may be whatever you resolve to be.”