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We Were Legends in Our Own Minds

Richard Cobb and Carter Taylor Seaton are life-long West Virginians, but they’ve done some traveling and garnered plenty of experiences. In particular, they are storytellers with tales of adventures with Richard’s tenure as manager of the Charleston Civic Center and the Huntington Civic Center back in the days of Rock n Roll glory! Their book, We Were Legends in Our Own Minds recounts the exciting times from the 70s and 80s. From Aerosmith to ZZ Top, Richard Cobb saw them all during his twenty-five-year career managing mid-market arenas where they played. He tells stories about eating Fig Newtons with Elvis on his private airplane, about his struggle to get Sly Stone on and off the stage, and about his battles with protesting conservative Christians who hoped to scuttle a scheduled performance by Ozzy Osbourne. We Were Legends in Our Own Minds is a backstage pass to all these musical adventures and more. Purchase a copy today and join them on the tours of a lifetime!